Technology has rocketed so far ahead that today the experience of watching a motion film has become even more thrilling. Now you can sit on your sofa and imagine characters take life from your 2D screens right in front of your eyes, almost as if you can touch them. 3D movies from all over the world have found an impressive fan following and film-makers are always looking at ways to make better and more riveting stories on-screen using 3D technology.

How 2D to 3D Conversion works?

With this, there also arises a demand for converting 2D motion films to 3D. This process is referred to as 2D to 3D conversion. The conversion is done through either a manual or an automatic process using high-end and dedicated image editing software. Stereoscopic 3D conversion produces 2 separate images for the left eye and the right eye. When both these images are viewed together using a 3D glass, an illusion of depth is created.

The Ultra Rays 3D difference

There are many 2D to 3D conversion services in India which claim to offer the best in the industry. What makes Ultra Rays 3D different from other 2D to 3D conversion service providers is quality. We have top-notch professionals using world-class technology who ensure that quality of original 2D images does not deteriorate and the conversion is done with utmost accuracy and correctness. Conversion is often required on footages obtained thorough stereo shooting. Ultra Rays 3D has expertise in offering 2D to 3D conversion services especially for such production requirements.