With a sole intention to offer quality stereoscopic post-production services for the entertainment industry worldwide at economical rates, Ultra Rays 3D has become one of the most trusted digital technology company today in the Audio-Visual space. Ultra Rays 3D has been a part of several successful national and international post-production projects with the help of an adept team of highly skilful professionals and world class technology.

Our team understands stereoscopy like no one else and offers services like 2D to 3D conversion, film colorization, lenticular printing, 3D lenticular printing, 3D Photo Frames, etc. Over the years, our work has spoken for us, making us one of the world’s top studios to provide Stereoscopic 3D conversion and stereo VFX services for highly acclaimed and popular feature films. Our expertise lies in Immersive 3D technology clubbed with volumetric 3D depth grading which enhances the visuals to great extent apart from giving an immersive 3D experience to the audience.