What is life without colour? It’s pale and bland. Over the years before motion-pictures were shot in techni-colour, some really gripping Black and White films were made. Though it was considered as the Golden era, one would always wish to revisit them in colour again. And yes, with the aid of technology this magic can really happen.

How film colorization work?

Digital colorization or black and white film colouring is performed using a digitized copy of the best available monochrome film print. With the help of special editing software, highly skilled technicians relate a range of gray levels to each object. Variations in the light level or movements are also sensed by these software’s. A specific colour for each object is chosen based on various parameters and assumptions. Each object is followed from frame to frame, applying the same colour. Film colorization is done not only to add colour to black and while films but also to restore classic films digitally with sharper and crisper image quality.

The Ultra Ray 3D difference

Several studios in India offer film colorization services, but Ultra Rays 3D is a class apart! With adept artists using the latest editing technologies and powerful computers, we deliver nothing less than the best, in terms of quality. To revive golden classics that we all love, our experts work dedicatedly to ensure that no minute detail is missed for colorization, without hampering or altering the aesthetics of a film. WE have won several accolades recently for your film restoration projects.