We are glad to introduce ourselves as a company, which has changed the look of advertising and promotional material with innovative and latest technology.

We supply a wide range of unique "VIEWS CHANGING" and "3-DIMENSIONAL" lenticular products and services for various industries, with our state-of-art technology and the best raw materials, meeting all international standards in Lenticular Printing. Eye-catching images created through lenticular printing could be your ideal tool for promotions, gifts and packaging.

A promotional product is only valuable if it appeals to, and is retained by the targeted audience. The Lenticular printing services offered by us accomplishes both these objectives.

It is a unique technology that allows the vivid illusion of moving, morphed, and 3 dimensional images portrayed on to a 2D surface which can draw attention, create excitement and drive sales.

What is 3D Lenticular Printing?

Very simply, lenticular refers to a sheet of plastic lens (that can come in different sizes and thickness) consisting of an array of optical elements called lenticules that create a convex perspective of multiple images. This technology is used to create a lenticular image. When viewed from different angles, different areas under the lens are reflected to the viewer. Views are arranged under the lens so that each eye is projected a different view. The brain then processes these views to a single coherent 3D, Flip or Animated image. We have advanced technology to offer the best 3D Lenticular printing services you could ask for.

3D Lenticular Effects :

Amazing Effects can be created with 3D lenticular technology. You can select the best effect as per your artwork and the message you wanted to give.

Types of 3D Lenticular Effects

Flip Effect : When the image is moved, the elements on it, seems to flip from one direction to the other.

3D Depth Effect : In this effect, the primary image seems to the raised or protruding to give it a 3D feel.

Zoom effect : When the image is moved in a certain angle, the primary elements in it seem to zoom in or out.

Animation Effect : Different kinds of movements can be given to the characters in the image, giving it an animated feel.

Morph Effect : Different sections of the image can be morphed with other elements, when the image is moved.

Combination Effect : A combination effect could be a combination of any of the above effects on an image.